Why Gurgaon loves Galleria







Gurgaon loves Galleria.

In the barren land of this famous metropolis which multinational companies have formed their base, it’s all concretized coldness wherever you look. Galleria is a pretty much a part of the concrete. It’s just stylish concrete. Galleria is the slick, stylish open market of Gurgaon in DLF Phase IV, which is the favorite hangout joint for many people living in Gurgaon, including the writer of the piece.

What is it about galleria which attracts people? Nobody quite knows. The other markets have a similar architecture but perhaps it’s the location of Galleria which makes it uniquely unique. The glittery outlets, the swanky customers, and the buzz of the market makes you feel enthralled. Galleria is perhaps the sexiest market place in Gurgaon and it always feels better to be in Galleria than to be in an air-conditioned mall.

For summer evenings and winter days, Galleria offers an ideal open arena to walk, to nibble on food at the many food outlets, or to just sit next to the fountain. For want of any rivers/dams/beaches or any other water bodies, the galleria fountain creates a charm of its own. It is quite ridiculous, but so it is. The market is situated amidst sprawling housing complexes which have come to represent the life in the metro. It’s a feeling of a shared community sitting next to the fountain and just looking around, idling away time.

As far as the food is concerned, you can have coffee at DePaul’s and momos at the same outlet. There is Coco berry for frozen yogurt, Subway, Rolls joints and what have you. There is shopping for the shopping freaks. There are travel firms, booze and assorted services.

Pick up anything you like to eat and go over to the fountain and sit and drink in the conversations. If you have somebody to have a conversation with, make a conversation. Or like I do, in my lonely (or alone) existence, observe people and make notes. Sometimes, make a comedy set out of it. Sometimes, write a blog post.

Find me wandering in Galleria.