Is this Spirituality? If not, then what is?


To start with, spirituality has NOTHING to do with the idea of God or religion. Spirituality and religion should be treated as separate subjects. The reason is anybody who is not religious can be spiritual. On the other hand, we are all spiritual beings.

Let me try and elaborate.

We are born with a body which moves, talks, speaks and works. When we die, the body is rendered meaningless. It still is there, but it doesn’t move, talk, speak or works anymore. It has to be incinerated or buried, depending on the custom and religious rites of the land.

What gives when we die?

The spirit gives away. The spirit, which is present in our body when we are born and which leaves us when we die. Since there is a life spirit in all of us while we are alive, we are all spiritual beings.

Now, what the fuck is spirituality?

Spirituality is being able to connect with that spirit. Spirituality is the knowledge that we are alive and one day, the spirit inside us will leave, leaving the body, which will be destroyed and then, there won’t be any trace of our existence anymore, besides the memories that we will leave.

Spirituality is awareness and connection with our inner self. Spirituality is self awareness. Spirituality has nothing to do with God or religion because they are both man made illusionary creations.

There is no God. Religion is the God industry which keeps the idea of God alive. The only useful purpose religion serves is create human communities which support each other. Historically, religion has divided more than it has united.

Spirituality is a beautiful construct. We are all spiritual beings; the difference is some of us are more connected with our spirits than others. We don’t need religion or God to be spiritual. I find it amusing that people from different parts of the world come to India to find themselves.

It’s quite bizarre that they would come to India to find themselves when they can very well find themselves where they are. To understand ourselves and connect with our selves is a worthy objective and we all should aspire to it. It doesn’t take a country of a billion Gods to find you.

Spirituality is your connection with your own spirit. Spirituality is self awareness.



Make peace with yourself and your God


We are all full of doubts. All of us put across a strong face in front of the world. Why do we do this? It is because the world will not care about the feelings, doubts, fears that we have hidden beneath the confident face of ours.

To seek clarity about the matters which bother us, some of us seek solace in God and some of us don’t. The objective of this piece is to look at both sides of the coin.

People who believe in God do so because they feel connected to a power which they believe controls their life-at least in bad times. In good times, people feel that they are the ones who have created the good times. In bad times, most people would attribute their pain and ill fortune to destiny. They feel that the good times are in their control and the bad times are not. The bad times are because of destiny. They believe that God will play as the negotiator between them and their destiny. The underlying assumption is that since God is the creator of their individual destinies, he must somehow have the power to alter it, if they prayed enough to him and are able to influence him through the ‘prayer’.

People do not believe in the existence of God, the so called atheists, do not believe either that they can control the events of their life completely. They rationalize that there is no God and the universe is an evolutionary mechanism where some things happen by themselves and some things happen because of their actions. However, they can never quite pinpoint which actions are inside and which ones are outside their ‘control’. Therefore, they are always trying to balance this equation in their minds during the course of their lives.

You may belong to either to these two schools of thought you may have found your idea of God- eventually you must find your personal way to make peace with yourself. We do not know why we come into this planet. However, our lives would be much more peaceful and happier if we are able to reconcile the events of our life into one system of thinking.

If you believe in God and it brings you peace, please continue to believe in God. You have nothing to prove to the atheists. If you do not believe in God and have figured a scientific, reason driven approach to life-which brings you peace, you have nothing to prove to the believers.

Be at peace.