Buy Shoes online from Flipkart/Koovs

converse Shoes 417

I had a rule not to buy shoes online. I am not sure about the rule anymore.

Recently, I bought a pair of sneakers (Puma) from Flipkart and a pair of casual shoes (Converse All Star) from Koovs.

The online buying experience has become much better for categories and products with small ticket size and being a conservative consumer, I do not spend a lot of money for high-ticket purchases online.

Shoes is one category, which I was afraid of buying online. The reason I made an exception is that in brick and mortar stores of brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, the price are crossed the roof. They are so ridiculous that they are not even funny anymore.

For example, Reebok has shoes worth 15k and onwards, basis running shoes with some light technology, whatever it is. I mean, you do not buy shoes for 5 years at one go. You buy shoes, use them frequently and buy new ones. At least, I go that way. Secondly, I did not want to spend that much and so, decided to check out online.

So, let us come to the experience. The shoes I bought from Flipkart turned out to be smaller when I wore them. My shoe size is 7 and I ordered 7 but because if the brand size or whatever, the shoes were very uncomfortable.

The pair I ordered from Koovs has a black spot on them, which I could not clean with a piece of cloth. I was not happy since it was a brand new pair.

Therefore, I returned both the pairs. Flipkart returned me the pair of a higher size within a week of the return. Koovs took away my pair, and then returned the pair after a few more days. Flipkart was clearly faster. Although, I had worn the sneakers a couple of times, they took it back, with a bit of hassle, which the person who came to deliver the new pair created. Koovs was not bad either, although it took more follow-up with them.

So, here are the few things you will do well to keep in mind.

  1. Size: Buy the size, which suits you, and do not use the pair if you discover a discrepancy on trial upon delivery.
  2. Read reviews of people who may have bought the same product and have had things to say about it.
  3. If still uncomfortable with the process, do not buy shoes online.

This is a personal account. May be though, this will help you in putting yourself in my shoes, when you buy shoes online.