Don’t give up. Don’t you quit.


When the roads seem hazy
When the mind seems to scatter
When toil fades into the vacuum
When nothing seems to matter

There are things you put at risk;
The comfort of conformity
The convenience of the known,
You chose to venture alone…
Venture forth into the unknown

It was never meant to be easy
If it was easy, most people would do it
To take the unknown, the uncharted takes grit and spark;
It takes a leap of faith to start walking into the dark

There will be days you won’t know
Where you are headed,
There will doubts, confusion and insecurity,
There will be the attack of fear, of failure, the dreaded.

Should you quit?
Should you give up?

When the question is a life of pretense, you must give up.
When you have to suppress yourself, you must give up.
When money is the only motivation, you must give up.
When you feel empty inside, you must give up.

But don’t give up when it’s a question of your dreams.
Don’t give up when the world screams.
Don’t give up because you can’t see the way.
Don’t give up when there is no difference between work and play.
Don’t give up even when the progress is painfully slow.
Don’t give up when you feel down, deserted and low.
Don’t give up even when you they tell you-you are selfish.
Don’t give up even when you, sometimes, yourself wish.
Don’t give up at any cost, no matter what comes to you.
Don’t give up no matter how bleak the view

What are you going to give up on?
When you know now that this is who you are,
When you have come this far
When you have come this far

You have come this far
And there is nothing you lack
You may have to unlearn the lessons of the past
But now there is no looking back
There is no looking back

There is no looking back
Not now, not tomorrow, not for a bit
No matter what you do
You just won’t quit.



One of my first poems-written 10 years back.

At times I think, when things are not good,
At times I think, when gloom clouds my mood,
At times I think, in overwhelming pain,
At times I think when all seems in vain.

I think at times – is it worth it!
I think at times – does it all matter!

True these emotions are;
No lie that life is in shatters,
But I am living and,
and that is actually what matters.

There are people who love me;
there are those who need me.
There are mountains to climb;
there are things to be done.
There are reasons to believe that,
Life still is fun.

Yes, I am hurt, I am torn apart,
but nothing stops me from making a new start.
So let’s perform duties, walk that tight rope,
because I am living and there is Hope.

A brave poem


I wish to write a poem
A poem; that tells it all
Of what I feel inside
It tells of what I feel
Feel in summers, winters, spring and fall
A poem; that tells it all

I feel scared
Scared! That’s what I feel
Scared, that I may fail
Scared that they may wail
I feel scared

I feel scared of losing people I care for
I am scared, right now, in my face
I feel scared that things
May not fall in their place

I am scared that I will die
Die before I meet my dreams
Oh, I hear a scream
Did you hear a scream?
Did you?
Did you?

Fear rules our lives
It is a silent killer
It always reminds us of what might go wrong
An exam, a relationship, a poem, a song
Fear makes us shake inside
Always telling us things will go wrong

Hey you, you
I see fear
I see fear in your eyes
Don’t tell me I am scared, not you
For I know you are scared
You are scared too!

All of us are scared
But we carry on
Courage is nothing
But a mask of guts over the reality of fear
It is a mask, you hear!

Fear is the truth
Life has taught us to live with;
For we know it can end anytime
That’s the ultimate truth-naked; sublime

It is true that we could fail
It is true that we could lose it all
It is true that we may wail
It is true that we may be left
With nothing at all;
Nothing at all

Ah! So what are we to do?
My friend, we are to accept fear
And let it seep in
Become a part of us.
And we go ahead with our chest out
And head high
Then, we may lose
We may win

Fear, perhaps, is our friend
I mean, perhaps
It walks with us hand in hand

To remind us that if we don’t have the courage
Life will go by, still go by
If we let it win
And our job
Is to NOT let it win

So love with all you have
Don’t let fear stop you from losing it
For loving is an end in itself;
Dream and work on your dreams
For only those who dare to dream
May one day meet their highest self

Don’t let fear defeat you
It wants to lose to a good fight
But it will lose to ones who dare;
To the bold
To the courageous
To the brave
Only to those few


I wish I was a smoker


Sometimes I wish
I was a smoker
The pace of life won’t matter to me
No matter what the rate
I could just stand in a corner
And go in a trance kind of a state

I would see the smoke go by…
When a fellow smoker would come
I would smile and say hi
He or she would ask, ‘got a light?’
And then a few would join
A few moments later
the whole place would be engulfed
In a fog of white

Sometimes I would hold a fag with tea
Sometimes with coffee
Sometimes… may be whiskey

No problem would be tough,
I would then be a tough bloke
Oh, If only
I could ever smoke

Oh, God, but I can’t do it
Just don’t feel like it, oh shit!

I know it’s not done
Oh, i miss so much fun!
If you are reading this,

You might just think
I am such a choker, oops
I wonder why but I know
I will never be a smoker

An Ode to a free bird


To sing, To fly
To go as much as you care
To go as much as high

To do what you love
And do it at your pace
You just don’t want to compete with them
It has been and it’s just your own race

You don’t want to answer anyone
Your accountability is to the mirror
If you can look to it straight in the eye
There is nothing out there that can make you shy

Your convictions are worth a fight
If it does not make you happy
How does anything become right?!

So often you don’t fit in
Never ever have you followed the herd
Something inside you keeps reminding you

that you were born
You were born to be a free bird

Poem o Poem

Poem O Poem
What are you?1

Poem O Poem
What are you?
I have written a few
Read quite a few
Always wondering
Always thinking
What makes you great?
What makes you refreshing?
What makes you, you.

Poem O Poem
What are you?

Are you a song?
They compose you in rhyme
A little, here, and there
For you are not just words
But you are also music.
They blend words and notes of rhythm
To touch that distant chord of emotion
In the hearts of those
Who read,
And listen.
Tell me, are you a song?

Poem O Poem
What are you?

Are you a voluptuous woman?
They drape you
In many a different way
To enhance your beauty
Whenever they have something
Incisive and compelling to say.
They smear you with colors
Lust after you and try to find meaning in you
Tell me, are you a woman?

Poem O Poem
What are you?

Are you love?
The purest of all emotions
The unreachable
The elusive
Interpreted individually
Felt silently
By those who know,
By those who understand.
Tell me, are you love?

Poem O Poem
What are you?

For me,
You are a song I sing
You are the woman who attracts me
You are the love I long for.

What is it,
For you?