Fine Dining Restaurants: Why do we need them?


Why do fine dining restaurants exist?

This post is trying to answer this question without having any clear strategy to be able to answer it. What exactly is a fine dining restaurant?

There are a few criteria’s a restaurant must fulfill to qualify to be a fine-dining restaurant:

  1. It must be quite expensive: the prices should not make sense. If they do, then it is not fine dining. It is for the middle class. Middle class does not go to fine dining restaurants. For example, a fresh lemon soda should be upwards of 500 I N R. The price of the drink is not a function of the soda or the lemon but the price of pretense one gets to observe when one visits a place like that.
  2. The seating should be formal: this means that a couple should not be able to sit very close to each other. If they are able to sit close, then it is casual dining.
  3. The decor should be elegant: elegance is a subjective thing. However, when one looks around, one should be able to see pleasing colors, which are soft to the eyes and stimulating to the sense. Does that make any sense? The entire point is that when you look at the furnishing etc., you should be able to justify the price of items on the menu, which otherwise do not make any sense.
  4. The food must not be filling: if the food fills you up, then it is not fine dining. The portions should be quite small and you must feel empty at the end of the meal.
  5. Animated Conversations: when you look at people around the restaurant, you must be able to feel tons of animation and fake expressions. If people are being themselves, it is not a fine dining restaurant.

You would have clearly understood from the piece that I love fine dining places and will continue to visit them for opportunities for pretense. In a consumer culture led by brands like Apple, we need reasons to feel important, do we not?


Please change my Goddamn password


This morning I tried to change my password.


I tried to change it because I don’t like my password. It’s pretty blah.

So, I tried to change it. The email service asked me to enter a security code, which they would send me once I would enter my phone number for security reasons.

That having been done, we thankfully move on. It said, enter your current password and new password. I entered both and a ridiculous alphabetical number in the box to prove I am fucking human. This followed.

New password: **********
Email service: You can’t enter a password with your name in it

New password: **********
Email service: You can’t enter a with your girlfriend’s name in it

New password: **********
Email service: You must enter a password with 2 numeric digits

New password: **********
Email service: You must have one capital letter and one symbol

New password: screwyourselfyoubastards
Email service: you can only try so many times, try tomorrow