An Open Letter to the great Jain community


Dear Members of the Jain community,

You people are wonderful, both Digambars and Shvetambars. I respect with all my heart and stomach the Paryushan Parwa, which serves as a cleansing festival for you and purifies you of all the toxins and deficiencies, contrary to the thoughtless food that the rest of the world is consuming.

I have always had a lot of respect for Jains. Many friends of mine over the years who do not eat garlic, ginger, onions and miscellaneous flavorsome vegetables without which I cannot imagine my life. I bow to you folks who lead such a simple life and do not eat any of those. I cringe when I, as a lesser mortal, find myself eating an onion in front of my pure Jain friend or a colleague. I feel totally shamed and humiliated about my existence on earth.

I would like to talk briefly about the meat ban that your community is trying to impose on all of us and which the honorable Supreme Court rejected. I wonder what the court might have thought about issues of freedom to choose what we should eat. I empathize with you people for thinking so much about non-violence and the benefit to humankind. Do not get us wrong. The Supreme Court is a bunch of ordinary mortals who do not understand your feelings and believe that freedom to choose is important for people like us.

This, in no way, affects the greatness that you are trying to project upon us. As I said, people who do not understand that beauty of following the Jain systems of food are ordinary, pithy, stupid, idiotic and non-discerning individuals. We are not up to your level of purification and intelligence. We just do not get it why we should not eat meat when it makes us feel healthy. Even for a few days, it sounds illogical to us because we are used to it. As far as the overall effect of the ban is concerned, there are people who are saying that their livelihood gets affected- people like butchers and meat sellers. They are stupid, too for they do not understand the wonderfully spiritual impact that a few days of restraint could cause on their lives.

Dear great Jain people, please forgive us for not being able to match up to your standards of intellect, spirituality and non-violence. Unfortunately, the very human society functions, some animals exist so that we can eat them and otherwise, there might be no use of such species. I guess.

In order to conclude, I would just like to see your magnanimity of the heart in bearing with us lesser mortals, not just in the case of the meat ban but also in the ordinary course of life.

If you see that, we are eating onions, garlic, or other such violent food, please forgive us.

On behalf of the non-Jains of the world…

A lesser mortal