Short Story: Sharing the load

Picture this scene in an urban Indian household.

The husband and wife are working professionals and both have to rush for an early morning meeting. The wife is currently working in the kitchen trying to prepare lunch for both for them, as is her regular routine. However, this is not a regular morning. On regular days, her husband drops her to the office at 9 en route to his office, which begins at 9:30 am.

However, today, both of them have to leave at 8:30 am. The husband Ravi has a meeting at 9 with an international visiting client and the wife, Reet has to be in time for a roster scheduling.

“Can you please hurry up,” screams Ravi, looking towards the kitchen.

“I am just about closing the lunchbox Ravi,” shouts Reet from the kitchen.

“But it is 7:30! We will both get late. You will miss your scheduling and I will miss the international client. He will fume at me. You have no idea how important the meeting is. If I get this business, my chances of promotion will increase this year by a big margin.”

“I understand Ravi. Just give me 5 minutes more. My scheduling is important too.”

“You don’t have a clue, baby. It is a very important meeting.”

“Baby, I am almost done with lunch. I am starting breakfast now.”

“What?! You mean lunch is still left?”

“Shut up Ravi, what do you mean still left. You are not the only one in this house who has a job. I have one too and on the top of it I have to do these chores too.”

On hearing this, Ravi calms down and thinks to himself that Reet is right. She also has to go to work and is the one who has to rush for both of their meals. He rushes to the kitchen and helps Reet in preparing the breakfast. Both of them get ready by 08:30, thanks to his help in the kitchen.

The story of Reet and Ravi is not an isolated story but represents most urban households in India, where men think it is the responsibility of the lady to take care of the household chores. In our story, Ravi turns out to be an understanding husband. However, this is not always the case.

Although, women across the board would wish it were so.