If I were Airtel, I would be ashamed of this.

If I were Airtel, I would be ashamed of this.

Alright, I don’t generally invest so much of my time in trying to shame a company. I know it may not amount to much, but since I feel I am being cheated and my money (data) is being siphoned off in a non-transparent, opaque manner, I owe this to myself to name and shame the company.

I bought the Airtel wi-fi device on 20th of October. Today is the 31st of October. I bought the device under the ‘Advance Rental plan” under which you get the device and 5 GB data per month at a cumulative cost of 4000 exclusive of service tax. Since as per my internet history, my monthly usage is about 5-6 GB on a portable data device per month. I use data separately for my phone. I tried using the phone hotspot on laptop but my data burned very fast and Airtel told me if you use hotspot on your laptop, data burns much faster and that’s the reason I got the device. I am still not sure of the hotspot theory but that’s for later to figure.

Now, on 31st October, I am sitting on 1.4 GB data. I have no idea how the 3.6 GB data that’s been consumed according to Airtel has been consumed. It has been evaporated to my mind. The moment you turn the device on, it starts consuming the data at 100 MB per minute at least to my mind. It EATS AWAY YOUR DATA.

I am attaching screenshots to prove my point. Please see the timings which I have highlighted in the screenshots and in the images. At one point on 27th October, I used the device for 10 minutes to send ONE TEXT EMAIL. WHEN I CLOSED IT, 1.6 GB HAD GONE AWAY-EXPLAINED IN THE IMAGE AGAIN.


My advice- don’t use Airtel. I will also not be using Airtel till I have phone balance and I use the data which I have already paid for. I will get rid of Airtel.

And to prove that I am not the only person being looted here, I am attaching screenshots of what my friends on facebook had to say about this.


I have nothing personally against Airtel but I hate seeing my money getting wasted and being duped as a customer and this is what I feel happened here.

Thanks for reading.



In search of light-Inside


Yesterday was Diwali-the festival of lights. Wherever one looked, there were lights emanating from the myriad designs of decorative lighting that people had adorned their houses with; there were lights from the firecrackers supported elaborately with the noise they created.

There was light. And there was noise. There was light and there was noise. Some people need a lot of light and noise to enjoy themselves. On the other hand, some people don’t need the lights outside or the noise. I hope all of you had a pleasant festival and you bonded with people you love.

The lights outside are pretty. They make us feel good. They make us feel bright. However, they don’t last beyond Diwali. They don’t last because these lights are not permanent. They are ephemeral, short-lived.

That’s why our lives need a different kind of a light, a light which lights inside of us. This is the light of love and beauty. I like the word beauty. There is something spiritual about beauty. Beauty is unlike sexy, unlike hot, unlike something we can touch. Beauty cannot be touched; it can only be experienced. Beauty comes from inside. We don’t need external approvals for the light that comes from inside and makes us feel who we are. The light inside is the light of a connection with who we are and that we feel it.

The light inside is the light of a purpose. A purpose, which makes us do whatever we do. Love is a worthy purpose. It is a purpose without which our lives have no meaning. The light inside is the light of love. When we love, we give our best because love deserves no less. To the people we love and to the work we love. Love is spiritual and does not need externalities to approve it. Love is its own purpose.

What am I trying to say here?

I am trying to say that the light outside is only worthy if there is light inside. Otherwise, it is shallow, blank, vacuous and meaningless. Let’s try to find that light that glows inside us which makes us feel connected with ourselves and with the people we spend time with, with the work we do, with every minute that we are awake.

Have you felt disconnected in a party sometimes? Have you sometimes met someone and felt the urgent need to leave? At other times, with people and work, does the time fly away?

The light inside, which is the light of our true selves, talks to us. It talks to us all the time. If we pay attention and listen to it, it shines bright like the light of a candle. If we don’t listen to it for a long time, it dies. The light dies. When it dies, we feel lost. We don’t know why we are doing what we are doing and where does it all lead. Material comforts stop giving us any pleasure. We are confused and lost, in spite of the world telling us that we are doing well. The world doesn’t know us. It has no clue.

We need to listen to the light inside. It is talking to us every waking moment of our lives. If we wish to lead a meaningful life, we need to ensure that the light inside of us burns bright and beautiful, like the flame of a candle, which won’t give up, no matter what.

Thank you for reading.