Why ‘Aligarh’ is a great movie

Aligarh is the story of Professor Siras who was suspended by Aligarh Muslim University because he was gay and he was caught making out with a rickshawwallah.


Now, how was he caught? He was caught because a few guys entered his house, without his permission and recorded the act to expose that he was gay? What right did those men have to enter his house?

Nobody cared to know. Nobody wanted to know.

The movie seems to imply that there was a role of his colleagues in the linguistics department who were jealous of him and wanted to get rid of him and therefore, they hired those men to expose his sexual leanings.

Now, Professor Siras, an over 60 year’s man fought a legal battle and won because the battle was won post the Delhi High Court judgement decriminalizing homosexuality. Unfortunately, for the LGBT community, the Supreme Court overturned the high court judgement and criminalized homosexuality again.

Professor Siras won the court battle against AMU but he was eventually found dead. He did not kill himself. He must have been killed. Somebody who could not bear that a gay professor will be back on the campus killed him. No matter who it was, it was the society who killed him.

I am not LGBT but I cannot understand the ridiculous attitude of the larger society towards homosexuals. There is a poignant scene in the movie where Professor Siras is taking to the endearing journalist Deepu Sabastian, well played by Raj Kumar Rao. In the scene, Deepu asks of Siras, “Was he your lover?” and Professor Siras replies, “Try to understand love. It is a beautiful word.”

Well, what makes us heterosexuals impose our ‘natural’ way of love to everyone else. Nobody has any right to tell others how should they love.

The acting is superb. Manoj Bajpayee was outstanding. So was Raj Kumar Rao. The movie belongs to Manoj Bajpayee. Aligarh is a reflection of our society. It is a reflection of us, the people who are not willing to tolerate people different from us-difference in sexuality, different in religion, believes, race etc.

What a brave movie. Absolutely worth watching.