Fine Dining Restaurants: Why do we need them?


Why do fine dining restaurants exist?

This post is trying to answer this question without having any clear strategy to be able to answer it. What exactly is a fine dining restaurant?

There are a few criteria’s a restaurant must fulfill to qualify to be a fine-dining restaurant:

  1. It must be quite expensive: the prices should not make sense. If they do, then it is not fine dining. It is for the middle class. Middle class does not go to fine dining restaurants. For example, a fresh lemon soda should be upwards of 500 I N R. The price of the drink is not a function of the soda or the lemon but the price of pretense one gets to observe when one visits a place like that.
  2. The seating should be formal: this means that a couple should not be able to sit very close to each other. If they are able to sit close, then it is casual dining.
  3. The decor should be elegant: elegance is a subjective thing. However, when one looks around, one should be able to see pleasing colors, which are soft to the eyes and stimulating to the sense. Does that make any sense? The entire point is that when you look at the furnishing etc., you should be able to justify the price of items on the menu, which otherwise do not make any sense.
  4. The food must not be filling: if the food fills you up, then it is not fine dining. The portions should be quite small and you must feel empty at the end of the meal.
  5. Animated Conversations: when you look at people around the restaurant, you must be able to feel tons of animation and fake expressions. If people are being themselves, it is not a fine dining restaurant.

You would have clearly understood from the piece that I love fine dining places and will continue to visit them for opportunities for pretense. In a consumer culture led by brands like Apple, we need reasons to feel important, do we not?


Buy Shoes online from Flipkart/Koovs

converse Shoes 417

I had a rule not to buy shoes online. I am not sure about the rule anymore.

Recently, I bought a pair of sneakers (Puma) from Flipkart and a pair of casual shoes (Converse All Star) from Koovs.

The online buying experience has become much better for categories and products with small ticket size and being a conservative consumer, I do not spend a lot of money for high-ticket purchases online.

Shoes is one category, which I was afraid of buying online. The reason I made an exception is that in brick and mortar stores of brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, the price are crossed the roof. They are so ridiculous that they are not even funny anymore.

For example, Reebok has shoes worth 15k and onwards, basis running shoes with some light technology, whatever it is. I mean, you do not buy shoes for 5 years at one go. You buy shoes, use them frequently and buy new ones. At least, I go that way. Secondly, I did not want to spend that much and so, decided to check out online.

So, let us come to the experience. The shoes I bought from Flipkart turned out to be smaller when I wore them. My shoe size is 7 and I ordered 7 but because if the brand size or whatever, the shoes were very uncomfortable.

The pair I ordered from Koovs has a black spot on them, which I could not clean with a piece of cloth. I was not happy since it was a brand new pair.

Therefore, I returned both the pairs. Flipkart returned me the pair of a higher size within a week of the return. Koovs took away my pair, and then returned the pair after a few more days. Flipkart was clearly faster. Although, I had worn the sneakers a couple of times, they took it back, with a bit of hassle, which the person who came to deliver the new pair created. Koovs was not bad either, although it took more follow-up with them.

So, here are the few things you will do well to keep in mind.

  1. Size: Buy the size, which suits you, and do not use the pair if you discover a discrepancy on trial upon delivery.
  2. Read reviews of people who may have bought the same product and have had things to say about it.
  3. If still uncomfortable with the process, do not buy shoes online.

This is a personal account. May be though, this will help you in putting yourself in my shoes, when you buy shoes online.


I have wanted to write this piece for a long time now. I guess it is because of my not so white skin that it took so long to get to writing this.

We, Indians are not fair, which is such a sad, unfortunate thing to happen to anyone, in this world. Why is this unfortunate? Common, you may say, people with white skin are historically more powerful, intelligent and wealthy etc. But, if I may push the question, why is that so? You may say because it is so, because majority of the powerful nations of the world have been historically dominated by people who are white in color.

If you talk about the US, most of the Presidents were white. President Barack Obama is an exception for having become the President of the US and not being fair skinned. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t white too. Did he care?



I will come to the point. It has always been an act of perverted rationale that people with white skin are prettier, more beautiful or superior to people who are not as fair. Who said to start with and why did so many people accept it? It is incredible that the history of the world is replete with examples of racial discrimination against people who are not as fair.

Apartheid is the reason for the whole South African disaster. No doubt: the apartheid policy is responsible for the racial tensions. The black race is excluded from a lot of places, e.g. at the bayside like indicated on this sign-post. (06/23/76)(AP PHOTO)
Apartheid is the reason for the whole South African disaster. No doubt: the apartheid policy is responsible for the racial tensions. The black race is excluded from a lot of places, e.g. at the bayside like indicated on this sign-post. (06/23/76)(AP PHOTO)

Apartheid in South Africa stays as one of the prominent examples where the white minority suppressed and oppressed the black majority for years and years before one man took upon him with his colleagues, friends and supporters in the African National Congress to fight it, till it was abolished.


White people, the ones who started and continue to propagate that white skin is associated with intelligence or beauty are inferior in their minds and dubious in their hearts. It is when people have no other source of expressing their intelligence or lack of it that they resort to superficial attributes like race and the color of the skin to express their so called superiority.



How can the color of somebody’s skin allow a person to reach a higher place than somebody who does not have it by the virtue or the accident of their birth? There is no answer to this question, for the logic is absurd and retarded, even if there is any logic.


Unfortunately, in a country like India, what the celebrities propagate is bought by the gullible and thoughtless masses who think that what they are being told by the rich and powerful must be right. Why do we buy it? Why do we need fair and lovely or fair and handsome? Are we so small in our minds to accept that the color of our skin determines the level of social status that we enjoy in the society we live in? Are we so insecure? If we are, why are we insecure?






Look at Oprah. She has influenced the world for better and she isn’t white. oprah-tour-bio-1-949x534

Back home, there are celebrities who have more depth in their persona than many other celebrities who will sell anything for money, no matter what impact it has on the lives and psychological framework of people who follow them blindly.nandita


White is NOT superior. White is NOT more beautiful.

It is a conspiracy by a bunch of the white skinned people who have no depth in their character or intelligence in their minds that they resort to the color of their skin to tell others that they are special. How terribly stupid and vicious!

Don’t let the color of your skin be the source of your confidence, the expression of your beauty or the worth of your person. Don’t let anybody tell you who you are because of the color of your skin. You race is not you.

It never was. It never will be.