Tea or Coffee?

So, what are you-a tea drinker or a coffee drinker?


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I, for one, am a tea drinker. It doesn’t mean I don’t drink coffee. I do once in a while but yeah, that’s it, once in a while. I can live without coffee but I cannot live without tea. Tea is a drug, especially one with ginger and basil leaves.

Coffee is for first dates. It’s a casual drink. It’s when you are in the mood of playful romance and you have no idea if things will mature or not. Of all the coffee chains in India, I think it’s Costa which makes the best hot coffee. Personally, I prefer Costa’s Cappuccino more than the one offered by Starbucks. Cafe Coffee day has a decent frappe but I won’t count on their cappuccino. One goes to either of these outlets, in a mood for coffee and to spend idle time, to chill. Chains like Starbucks have made coffee the drink of romance and catching up.




On the other hand, tea is what Indians lives on. One, it is much cheaper than coffee. Two, the refreshment provided by tea is much more satisfying than the one offered by coffee.

Tea is an adult drink. Coffee is a teenage drink.

The day starts with a steaming cup of tea. It refreshes your mind and makes you feel awake, when you are still not awake. Tea is available at every nook and corner, at least in Delhi and it’s just so easy to find.
The specialty teas that you find in Cafés like Chaayos and Cha bar sometimes feel like a superfluous addition to the normal cup of tea one is used to. They never taste like the real thing because they are not the real thing.

No matter how much the coffee chains try to get the common Indian attracted to the charm of coffee, we remain a tea drinking country, largely.


Coffee is for first dates. Tea is beyond dating. I know coffee drinkers are bound to disagree, which is cool.

Thanks for reading.


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