Marital sex is sacred sex!

I am not married. I am so glad I am not. What if my wife had a high libido and she won’t let me sleep. You know, sometimes, I may not want it.

See, I am talking about marital rape being legal in India.

Imagine, as a married man, you are trying to sleep and your wife gets on top.

‘Not tonight, baby, I am really tired. I had a lot of work at office,’ you say.

‘I want it now,’ she replies.

Now, you know that the law won’t support you because marital rape is legal in India and hell, it won’t even believe that your wife raped you. Hell! Men’s sexual exploitation is not even an issue and nobody believes it! Did you see the movie ‘Aitraaz?’I did. A man is sexually exploited and nobody believes him. His wife fights the case for him.

But, that’s fiction. Nobody will care in real life.
I can’t be subjected to this. No, I can’t take it.

The problem is more acute the other way. It’s the men who can’t stop because they need a release and they have a wife whose primary motive ought to be accepting it.

Most women won’t break the marriage because by then, they would have kids and they may not be financially independent and add to it, the trauma of breaking the sacred institution! How can you have the audacity to go alone! How can you have the audacity of breaking the rules of marriage!

What the state is basically saying is…

Just because you married, you signed a contract which says-‘I give my permanent consent for sex with my husband/wife. This is permanent and now I can’t say no. Just because marriage is a sacred institution and marital sex is sacred sex – like an ‘ahuti’ to the Gods.’

Hell, she can’t say no. The state doesn’t recognize this as a forced sexual assault. Even if it does, it says, within marriage, you can do anything.

Everything is fair in love, war and marriage.


A brave poem


I wish to write a poem
A poem; that tells it all
Of what I feel inside
It tells of what I feel
Feel in summers, winters, spring and fall
A poem; that tells it all

I feel scared
Scared! That’s what I feel
Scared, that I may fail
Scared that they may wail
I feel scared

I feel scared of losing people I care for
I am scared, right now, in my face
I feel scared that things
May not fall in their place

I am scared that I will die
Die before I meet my dreams
Oh, I hear a scream
Did you hear a scream?
Did you?
Did you?

Fear rules our lives
It is a silent killer
It always reminds us of what might go wrong
An exam, a relationship, a poem, a song
Fear makes us shake inside
Always telling us things will go wrong

Hey you, you
I see fear
I see fear in your eyes
Don’t tell me I am scared, not you
For I know you are scared
You are scared too!

All of us are scared
But we carry on
Courage is nothing
But a mask of guts over the reality of fear
It is a mask, you hear!

Fear is the truth
Life has taught us to live with;
For we know it can end anytime
That’s the ultimate truth-naked; sublime

It is true that we could fail
It is true that we could lose it all
It is true that we may wail
It is true that we may be left
With nothing at all;
Nothing at all

Ah! So what are we to do?
My friend, we are to accept fear
And let it seep in
Become a part of us.
And we go ahead with our chest out
And head high
Then, we may lose
We may win

Fear, perhaps, is our friend
I mean, perhaps
It walks with us hand in hand

To remind us that if we don’t have the courage
Life will go by, still go by
If we let it win
And our job
Is to NOT let it win

So love with all you have
Don’t let fear stop you from losing it
For loving is an end in itself;
Dream and work on your dreams
For only those who dare to dream
May one day meet their highest self

Don’t let fear defeat you
It wants to lose to a good fight
But it will lose to ones who dare;
To the bold
To the courageous
To the brave
Only to those few


Margarita with a Straw


Margarita with a straw is a sexual movie. No, there isn’t much soft or hardcore porn in the movie. You still need to go to youporn for that. But, still it is. It is also a movie about heterosexuality and bi-sexuality. It didn’t seem to be a movie about cerebral palsy, which it should have been.

It is because that’s what the main character in the movie-Laila-seems to think of all the time. Laila has cerebral palsy, which means she is physically restricted in many ways. However, that doesn’t restrain her drive to get intimate.

From one frame to another, the writer-director takes us to different expressions of Laila’s sexual or romantic desire. She kisses a fellow friend who has cerebral palsy apparently because he too is on a wheelchair. She falls for one of her band members, who get uncomfortable when she hugs him and not let go. He apparently treated her as a friend only.

She somehow gets admission in New York University and there she lets the professor allow her a guy to type when she can type herself. This scene was cute; however, since it was a continuation of her sexual expression, you almost expect it from Laila.

The movie progresses further. She meets a blind girl who starts to get physical with her, after being her friend for a while. Laila reciprocates and realizes she is bisexual. They develop a relationship. So, at this point, she has a girlfriend, a girl from Pakistan. I am sure RSS will have problems with it.

In the meanwhile, she makes out with the type guy. It just happens, since it’s raining and he helps her go to the loo. Rest is history.

She comes back to India with her girlfriend hoping to disclose her bisexuality and willingness to marry her girlfriend to her mother. She tells it but then the movie takes a sudden pointless turn and her mother starts suffering from cancer and eventually dies.

Her family is a weird concoction of a Sikh father and a Bengali looking mother and what would you call a ‘monna’ brother in Sikh families. Anyways, the father and the brother are inconsequential. I don’t know what purpose they served in the movie.

The movie frankly was overkill and an under kill:
1. Overkill: The sexual desire of a special person: Fine, I am not saying there is anything wrong in that, but that was the highlight of the movie which makes no sense to me
2. Under kill: It was an under kill, which means I still don’t know much about cerebral palsy having watched the movie besides that they may have a high sexual drive

I am not a movie buff. I go to watch movies which intrigue me from their initial looks and it did. I wish the movie had more in store than a special sexually charged person who can’t decide between heterosexuality and bisexuality. Too many issues to handle for the protagonist in one movie.

I need to be even more careful about newspaper reviews now.


The rationale for religious tolerance


Religion is the opium of the masses, so they say. For a country of our size, we need a huge quantity of opium and we have it. We have so many gods and goddesses in the country that we can change one every single day and we will have enough Gods to worship for an entire lifetime.

It is great as long as people worship their own religion and find their own personal ways of connecting with the almighty power. Clearly, most people believe, there is an almighty power which runs our lives and they find solace in worshipping and connecting with that power. There is, therefore, nothing wrong with the idea of worship.

However, when we start considering our religion as more superior in comparison to that of others, that’s where the problems arise. Why do we need to prove that our religion is superior to that of someone else? Why is that important? Why can’t we follow our faith and let others follow their own faith peacefully? When religion becomes fundamentalist, it becomes dangerous.

We are the only country in the world which comprises of people belonging to many different faiths, many different religions. That ought to be our pride. There is no reason for homogenizing the Indian society. Our diversity in race, colors, customs, rituals, ways of worship, our festivals-are rooted in religion. There is a religious story or legend associated to Holi, Diwali, Eid, Raksha Bandhan, Christmas etc.

I have purposively said all of these festivals in the same breath because I like to celebrate these festivals with my friends (if they invite me) irrespective of my personal religious faith. I don’t want to say, ‘No, I am a Sikh or a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian and so, I will not celebrate festivals which are not mine.’ Why should anyone say that? Where is the pride in that question, and if there is pride, what kind of pride is that?

I am an Indian. I take pride in the fact that I have friends and acquaintances from all spheres of the society. I don’t make friends because of their religion. I don’t make friends because of their race, caste, culture, creed etc. I make friends because I like people for who they are as human beings. I take pride in their identity as wonderful human beings.

We don’t choose our religion. Our religion chooses us. We are born into a family where our parents follow a religion because they were born into it, unless they had chosen to convert at some point in their lives. I am scared of using the word ‘conversion’ because it has become such a nonsensical and absurd issue in our country, which defies comprehension to a rational mind.

Why, then, anybody is superior to someone just by the virtue of birth? I know I am raising more questions that I am answering because the answer to these questions is just as absurd as these questions themselves. It is a sad state of affairs that we have to even raise these questions in the 21st century.

No religion is superior to any other religion. Each religion is only a means to connect with the almighty. If there is an almighty, he has no religion. The only religion that ought to bind us with each other as human beings is love. Love for each other, irrespective of where we come from, which caste, race, color, and faith we were born into.

Unfortunately, this is not the world I want to belong to. This is not the world I still belong to. My world is people who share my thinking and desire for rationality. My world is people who are educated and not just literate. I know, I am fortunate and I know, not everybody is.

I wish to live in a world someday where no one will kill anyone in the name of religion. No one will try to forcibly convert people from one religion to another, a world where people will respect each other, irrespective of the religion, a world where religions will not be the basis of classification of the society, a world where people will not be divided on the basis of which God they worship, a world where the only religion is love.

As I conclude, I am reminded of John Lennon’s Imagine….

Imagine there are no countries…
It isn’t hard to do
nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may not have realized, but I did not disclose my religion anywhere in this article. You know why, because the only religion I know is that of love, of compassion, of humanity.

Product Review of Edelweiss Tokio Life – Criticare +

We live a fast paced life, which does not allow us to think of criticalities.

However, we know, that most of the time, we are only lying to ourselves. All of us have known someone within our family, friends or acquaintances that fell critically ill. Once someone in the family contracts an unfortunate critical illness like severed heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, it leads to some of the most difficult times for the entire family.

This is where insurance plays an important role. The industry is offering many types of plans to customers seeking insurance coverage. However, they fall short of offering cushion for criticality. This is where ‘Edelweiss Tokio Life – Criticare +’ plan comes in.

Edelweiss Tokio Life – Criticare + is a focused critical illness plan. This means it is a need based solution. It has been specifically designed with the focus on protecting the family of the insured from the financial pain of a critical illness. The patient is not the only one who suffers in case of a critical illness. The entire family suffers from the burden of the emotional pain and recurring financial expenditure.

There are many reasons why Edelweiss Tokio Life – Criticare + is the right plan for critical care. The plan offers many benefits, as listed below, aimed at delivering peace of mind from the burden of financial distress occurring in the form of a critical illness.

Protection from 17 critical illnesses: A critical illness is one which leads to health impairment. These could be an organ transplant, stroke, paralysis of limbs etc. The plan protects you against such exigencies.
Lump sum benefit on diagnosis: Once the diagnosis of critical illness has been confirmed, the insured will get the lump sum benefit in the form of sum assured within the policy.

Multi-claim option: Under the multi claim option offered by the plan, you can claim 3 times the benefits, that is, up to 3 claims.

Waiver of future claims: This benefit is extended under the multi-claim option. Once the first claim has been met from one group of critical illness, life insured will be eligible for benefits for critical illnesses falling under another group of illness. The critical illnesses have been divided into four groups for the purpose of this option.

Get discounts for higher sum assured: If you choose a higher sum assured, there are higher discounts being offered by the company.

Simplified benefit design: The benefits have been explained in simple and cogent language for you to understand them and make a convincing choice.

Get tax benefits for premium and claim amount: The plan eligible for investment definitions under the income tax act and you get tax benefits for both the premium and the claim amount.

The plan is being offered through online insurance mode. You can go ahead now and protect yourself and your family against critical illness.