Recent Immortal Thinking

Image  i am sexy but i don’t know it

#Religion and Politics

Men who can kill in the name of religion, will kill in the name of religion. Men who don’t feel bad when people are killed in the name of religion will elect those who kill in the name of religion.


One day, God forbid, there will be more temples in India than there are schools. Oops, am i running behind time?


#On cars

Ambassador looks like an ass. Suits politics.

Wagon r is the worst designed car ever.



#sonamohapatra I think I love you. it doesn’t make any difference to your life but then love unexpressed, is love non existent.


#Gadhe arz kiye hain

kuch log aate rahe
kuch vakt bitakar chale gaye
karavan yunhi chalta raha
bas kuch lamhe amar ho gaye


dil dukha hai ya
zarurat se zyada hans liye
khud par shaq karna 
adat to nahi hai hamari


neend bhari hai ankon me
so nahi pa rahen hain hum
jaane kya kya umeeden hain
jo umeed lagayen baitheen hain


Ye na puch kudrat se
Jo hua vo kyun hua
Hakiqat ik paheli hai
Roz ulajhti sulajhti hai


#women, well

Women can click and post selfies when they are bored. 
men have to work harder.

That’s the thing with hot women. They check out other hot women and compare it with their hotness and the world goes round.

#my facebook wall

This is my wall and I will write what I think is right. If you disagree with me, please do so in an amicable way. I don’t like people acting important and using condescending language. You may be whoever you think you are, I don’t give a fuck. 

If you don’t like my posts, please unfriend and move on.



Be passionate.
Or die frivolous.


#Dogs making out

If dogs were subject to Indian moral brigade, we would have no pups in those laps.


Education is what is left when innocence has been lost.


#Tortoise and Hare

The Tortoise has its own story.
The Hare has its own.
The race was a dumb idea.

#notes to self

don’t talk complex. half the people don’t get you anyway. sometimes you don’t get yourself. Tears.