The Morbidity of Indian Politics

Not that anyone cares, but I have wanted to express myself about what I feel about the current political scenario within the sphere of my understanding.

It’s 2013 and we have elections the next year. On one hand we have the congress and the UPA which has proved to be severely crippled in its thinking in how to run this complex country and cannot get its act together on economics, secularism or infrastructure. The rains in the capital have again showed how vulnerable we are as far as civic infrastructure is concerned. The Uttrakhand tragedy has manifested the carelessness of the state government and how deeply infected is corruption is the entire system. It’s like anything can be done in the country by bribing a few the political class and the bureaucracy.

It sucks.

Congress hasn’t projected a prime ministerial candidate since there is apparent reluctance on the part of the man who is touted to be their leader.  Dr. Manmohan Singh has unfortunately proved to be a spineless leader, whatever the circumstances have been. A Prime Minister who would not say what he stands for has no right to be the Prime Minister. He may be wrong but he should at least speak out what he believes in and where the country should be going. He is silent and the butt of jokes aimed at his conspicuous and eerie silence.

Fuel prices are skyrocketing which is fueling the inflation further, women are getting raped in the face of a woman chief minister who has been there forever, the Delhi Metro is only one of a few countable examples in the otherwise dilapidated infrastructure the country has.

This is the first option.

On the other side, we have the BJP- a party whose sole aim is to spread communal ism in the country and make India a Hindu nation. They don’t have any other leader who they can project to be a prime minister and so unfortunately, they have chosen a man who can kill a few thousand and talk about puppies coming under the car driven by his driver. Who is the driver in that remark? Of course, it’s about the 2002 riots. Who drove those riots?! If he wasn’t the driver, then who was? Was it the national party’s decision to let thousands perish in those attacks?

Even if he did not instigate or support those riots, he did nothing to stop them, which means he supported them.  A man who can walk with his head high with so many people having have been massacred while him being in power is only a very scary candidate for any post of power, forget the Prime Minister’s post. I don’t care about the development record of a man who is unashamed to have been a key figure in killing thousands and go about with a smiling face.

I cringe and think with horror of the day he does become the Prime Minister. I do not know how many people who are not Hindus will be scared for their lives and BJP will be busy building temples and doing pointless yatras.  

I do not understand Modi’s electorate and people who support him. It goes beyond my understanding either from a logical or an emotive perspective.

No, I am not saying that Rahul Gandhi is a great leader since he has no clear road map for how he plans to run the country if he does become the Prime Minister. Congress hasn’t offered any other alternative either.

The third front is as ridiculous as it gets. If people like Mamata Banerjee start leading the country, we will be a country of clowns who are not even funny.

It is deeply sad that in a country of 1.3 billion people, we do not have one leader we can look up to. Not one. That’s where the morbidity of Indian Politics lies.

Thanks to comedy or it could kill us.


Indian Culture

In public, confidently go and piss.
But you will be in jail if I see you kiss.
I will fondle my crotch and spit hither 
You think it’s uncivil, fuck ya, I don’t dither
‪Comedy Central‬ is bad for you 
I will ban them to save, but you
We not talk about sex, beef and ham
We produce kids in the name of arranged marriages
Say nothing and go bam bam bam
We are the greatest hypocrites 
If you can find me better, I will give you a kiss

Moments are temporary. Memories are permanent.

I have been thinking about this for a while and this bit was pending.

You know, I usually say, all yesterdays look the same, in flashback. When we look back at our lives, which all of us do, you would be a sucker not to admit it, then it doesn’t matter whether we are talking about the last week or 10 years back.

In flashback, everything looks like a movie in which we played a role.

Now, everything is temporary. Only, the duration of temporariness differs. Our existence is temporary, our relationships are temporary, our pleasures, motivations, desires-everything that exists because we are alive, is temporary. They are short-lived and ephemeral.

I recently ended a 2 year chapter in my life. Now, I had friends out there and there were some people with whom within a span of 2 years, I perhaps spoke for a few minutes. You know, some conversations we just have passing by-asking how lives are and sharing small tidbits of it and sharing a few smiles and laughter. Everything comes about in flashback.

At least, in my memory, nothing is erased.  Almost, nothing. I don’t know about yours.

What is the point I am trying to drive here?

Here’s what I am saying. Don’t take a short cut approach to life. More importantly, don’t take a short cut approach to people. If you take casually the moments you spend with them- treat them indifferently, use them for marginal short-term gains, be insolent and hurtful to them-perhaps they will forgive you to cure their hurt, but they will never forget what you did to them. 

Be loving, caring and the best you can be in every moment. 

Don’t hurt them. Charm them and find ways to make people happy, even if for a few brief moments. You may never see some of them again.

The moments don’t last. Memories do, till the last days of our lives. 

When you leave, leave smiles.